John Hagel and the Passion of the Explorer

John explains some of his key approaches for gaining new clarity in disruptive times. He also describes what he hopes participants will gain from our 2-day online gathering, September 2 & 9, 2020.

Join John Hagel and Next Curve Strategy to discover your Passion of the Explorer and how to grow your impact!

Turn Pressure into Opportunity

The pressures and uncertainty surrounding our lives are mounting at a quickening pace, and the global pandemic, surging outcry for racial justice and climate change are revealing fundamental systemic fragilities. Under such emotional and existential strain, how can we turn these pressures into opportunity for impact? How can we deepen and scale our impact in our personal lives, our institutions and society?

For decades, John Hagel has been emboldening us to harness the new opportunities emerging in our changing world. Co-Author of The Power of Pull and Co-Founder of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, John possesses a broad perspective, deep expertise and a committed belief in the limitlessness of human potential.

A Global ONLINE Gathering

Spend TWO 3-hour SESSIONS with John Hagel with a group of inspired individuals to explore his ideas on scaling personal potential in the context of your own life. The intention is for this to be a highly interactive experience for all participants to engage with John and each other.

Workshop materials will be sent out for you to print in advance.

The journey begins within each of us. From there, our potential for real positive impact is limitless.

Two Wednesday Sessions - 3 Hours Each

September 2 & 9, 2020

8:00-11:00  San Francisco

11:00-14:00    New York 

12:00-15:00   São Paulo

16:00-19:00   London 

17:00-20:00  Paris

General Registration $695.00

Explorer Duo - 2 Participants $1,000

A Deep Dive into the Passion of the Explorer John Hagel Post August 24, 2020

Turn this crisis into a catalyst for opportunity!

 John Hagel believes that one positive outcome of the pandemic is it will be a catalyst for us to reflect on what really matters to us and discover what we are really passionate about.

See John's latest post (click on image) to better understand what he means by the Passion of the Explorer and cultivating Impact Groups.

Join the online the online gathering to work with John in a small group to apply his approaches in the context of your life.

Ladana Edwards, Partner in Deloitte Central Europe and Co-Chair, TransTech Europe

"John Hagel’s work has inspired my thinking and my actions. His perspectives have given me hope that the world of work could be a very different experience, one of passion, personal growth and transformation. I leave every conversation enriched by his wisdom and optimistic long view. His words inspire me and give me energy to keep moving forward on my path."

John Chisholm, Serial entrepreneur, angel investor and author of Unleash Your Inner Company

"John Hagel has thought more deeply than anyone else about passion and its role in our personal lives and in the workplace, and he brings important, fresh​perspectives to the subject as he has long done with many aspects of business strategy."