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We are seekers of creative solutions

We are curious about new opportunities. We like digging for the details, imagining the possibilities, and stretching our frames of reference. 

We deliver action and positive impact.

Each of us represents a network of networks. We combine forces according to the character of our projects.

Tracey Grose

Tracey is a bridge builder in every sense. Her analytical ability provides the robust girding to everything she does, and her cultural awareness lends others comfort in crossing over to new ground.

A systems thinker, Tracey naturally takes in the broader context of linkages and dynamics.

With a longtime focus on technology-driven economic, market and social change, Tracey is always looking to develop fresh thinking on how to best leverage change for positive impact. She works with C-level teams as well as groups of business and public sector leaders. Working internationally, Tracey engages with clients and stakeholders in English, German and French.

Tracey is committed to producing positive and lasting results.

Examples of current and recent work:

Leadership Transition Support and Growth Strategy Preparation, Swiss IT company: Currently working with new CEO of company recently acquired by mid-size French IT company to ease the leadership transition, solidify a positive corporate culture, and help lay the organizational foundations for the company’s ambitious growth strategy.

California Climate Change Policy Study and Statewide Stakeholder Engagement, California public policy organization: Designed statewide multi-stakeholder engagement to develop options for meeting the State's goals mandated by SB 32, reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030.

Cross-Border M&A Management, mid-size French IT company: Managed effort to acquire a Silicon Valley company, developed the team integration process, and advised on the company’s overall North American strategy. Developed initial target list and due diligence based on business analysis, partner interviews, market intelligence and other research. Managed relations with local US business services (e.g. lawyers, banks, etc.), US partners and targets. Provide strategic advising and facilitate meetings for CEO. Provided translation/interpretation as needed.

Strategic Partnership Development in Silicon Valley, large French insurer: Analyzed health technology developments in key industry sectors of interest. Scoped out potential for strategic partnerships, addressing mutual interests, with multiple companies based in Silicon Valley. Managed outreach and facilitated communications among parties.

Corporate Impact Philanthropy, mid-size French company: Managed development and implementation of company-wide philanthropy program. Produced an overview of diverse approaches to corporate philanthropy in the US and France today and the advantages of different management models for giving and employee engagement. Laid out steps for defining the vision, measuring impact and implementing the strategy.

Strategic Partnership Development in France, German startup corporate innovation network: Identified potential long-term partnerships in targeted industry sectors for addressing pan European challenges of global competitiveness, security and climate change.

Business Leader Roundtable Engagement Sessions, California State elected official: Curated groups of CEOs and other leaders, framed outreach communications, designed and facilitated the highly interactive discussions that yielded concrete insights and ideas for promoting business growth and financial sustainability in the state and regional economies.

Relationship Building in Silicon Valley, French startup: Drove outreach to Silicon Valley-based companies and others. Booked and facilitated meetings for founder’s weeklong stay, also providing translation and interpretation as needed. Supported continued communications and development of US strategy.

Organizational Development, US aviation startup: Developed internal systems for improving business process efficiency in growing startup shifting into new market.

Next Curve Partners

Ben Bergeret

Ben Bergeret

Ben leads, a consultancy aimed at helping companies apply artificial intelligence to transform their core business. operates across industries, but is one of only a handful in Europe to combine deep process industry expertise and a solid applied AI experience. A veteran of applied AI and a serial entrepreneur in the field, with experience ranging from founding and turning around startups, to running large corporate divisions in the mobile, telecoms and software industries, Ben is also the cofounder of Hub France IA, a recognized industry nonprofit that fosters rapid cooperation between AI labs, corporations and startups in Europe.

Katie Sharabati

Katie Sharabati

With an emphasis in high-

growth global organizations, Katie is a seasoned leader with more than twenty years of experience developing HR strategy and building successful teams. Katie has extensive experience in leadership and organizational development (including coaching and team training), mergers and acquisitions and global HR operations. Forming her broad perspective, Katie has worked around the world and across diverse industries including technology, asset management and digital publishing in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Based in San Francisco, California, Katie holds a Master of Business Management degree from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

For the management of large-scale mergers and acquisitions, we partner with the esteemed team at Global Post Merger Integration Partners.
GPMIP provides M&A integration/carve-out, post-close transformation, training and internal capability services across the globe to companies expanding locally and internationally. GPMIP has a full-service presence in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Australian regions. Comprised of local teams, GPMIP partners work together under one organization to deliver M&A integration programs to the highest global standard. When clients engage us locally, they have at their disposal the knowledge and capacity of GPMIP as a whole.