We help you
lean into the Curve

Helping leaders optimize an ever-changing context



Working with a C-Level team or a statewide, multi-stakeholder forum, we can frame, facilitate and define action plans for impact. 

We can help your team refresh their routine frames of reference. Enabling a fresh take on new or persistent challenges can open up new realms of opportunity. We provide the signals scanning, scenario modeling, numbers crunching, industry analysis, and facilitation to stimulate your team or your community into strategic action.

Cross-Border M&A Accompaniment,  Cultural Integration, New Leadership Transition

Most M&A deals fail to meet the expected ROI, and the problems are always rooted in the human aspects of the integration. The risks are even higher in cross-border deals. We can help you reduce the risks of common challenges related to the merging of two companies in domestic and global deals. Acquiring another company can be a heady experience with large sums of money and imperfect information. Implementing an effective integration strategy can  help reduce much of the risk.
For the management of large-scale M&As, we partner with the esteemed team at Global Post Merger Integration Partners.

Strategic Partnerships

Are you looking to expand your business to Silicon Valley or cultivate partnerships there? We know the ecosystem and many talented people and companies who are on the front edge of change in their fields. We can help you build partnerships, or identify possible acquisition targets and the local professional services you’ll need. We can even manage the acquisition process for you, allowing you to focus on what’s most important to you.

Technology Exploration

You're hearing a lot about artificial intelligence or other technology but you're not sure how it could be applied in your business? Or, who has the right tools for you? We can walk you through the discovery process, facilitate deep exchanges with appropriate experts, and help you weigh your options.

Corporate Social Impact

What's your company's strategy for impact philanthropy? We can walk you and your team through the process of defining your vision, desired engagement, and the impact you want to have in your community, locally and globally.  Then, we can put your program into action.

Catalyzing Impact Events

With our global network of diverse thought leaders, technology experts, artists and prescient provocateurs, we produce highly interactive engagements for your team or clients on topics that will impact your business and lives. These are hands-on, breakthrough sessions that target concrete outcomes.